My employer, Harman/Becker, is currently working on a black box 'infotainment' unit that will use automatic speech recognition technologies to run everything in todays high tech vehicles; the stereo, DVD, handsfree cellphone, etc.

In order to market this baby, we have to see how it works with the French Canadian accents and in order to do that we need examples of around 50 Quebecois. From July 15 to the end of July we will be doing in-vehicle voice recordings, 1 hour for each person, of phrases, words, numbers..that kind of thing. For your time, you will get $50 cash on the spot and a little tour of Vancouver as these recordings will be done while cruising in a vehicle.

So if you know any genuine French speakers (not Euro french either, the good Canadian stuff) then feel free to tell them about this and give them my info.

Bradley 604.639.9990 ext 104

There will also be 2 positions available for a one week and 2.5 week contract position after all the recordings have done. So pass the work around please!