Women's drool...
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    Women's drool...

    K, It's time ladies, enough with the men getting all the dirty pics. Our turn. Feel free to add your own. The only one I could find really quick from a work computer, but a good start....

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    A Drool section is not complete without this guy!!

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    Ewww, men. Here's some "drool" we can all enjoy:

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    I wish.

    First off. This thread is in direct violation of what we JUST talking about. I'm not being a nazi here, but WTF?! Seriously.. I don't have time to deal with it..

    Secondly, there is already a thread of this nature that is pages long.

    Thirdly, DROOL consists of a girl and a sportbike (or related equipment). I see none of that in the pics (That are now removed).

    Fourthly (can I say fourthly), your making a retardidly big deal about something that isn't important. The internet has lots of pictures of things people want to see and not see.. if you want to see naked guys go find naked guys - obviously you have some pictures. I offer the DROOL section as a service to the majority of the readers, and I would suggest that 95% of the population here enjoys them (including the women).
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