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    Super Squid Poser spotted..

    So i went to willowbrook mall today around 4ish to get me some new sneakers.. as i was leaving the mall i hear bike start up, i was making my way over to my ride and i see a red/black r6 come around the corner..2 ppl on the bike, one guy and a gal passenger..both wearing NO GEAR WHAT SO EVER...the dude was a stupid brown guy with about a pound of gel in his haitr and the girl was also brown wearing her "im from surrey" clothing...they scooted around the parking lot like 6 times till they decidedd to leave....and i never wish bad things upon ppl, but i was really hoping he would dump his bike, just enought to make him look stupiud and maybe teach him a lesson...what a stupid fuck head...i mean atleast wear a helmut....this guy was like all GQ with a ton of gel...

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