Last nite @ willingdon / lougheed @ 12am
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Thread: Last nite @ willingdon / lougheed @ 12am

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    Last nite @ willingdon / lougheed @ 12am

    Hey, just wondering if someone was south bound on Willingdon @ Lougheed, the intersection and honking me (blue R6 w/black, white, blue jacket) as i was making a right, i was south bound on willingdon ... sorry if i didnt respond, being a newbie, too focused on making the corner ! hahaha...but thanks for the ack !! Great to know im a member of such a new / friendly community !!

    Riders, always nice to be waved to so spread the lovvvvee !!

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    Honking huh?.........were you maybe doing something wrong
    Naw I'm kidding man welcome

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    thanks dood..u should c a doctor about those finger problems hahahaha

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