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    flying biker

    well here we go again !!!

    just heard on the news (radio) that a motorcyclist has left the road on Highway 3 and needs to be airlifted out of the steep gully he landed in.

    no details but hope the rider is OK

    looks like we are in the news too much lately

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    i heard that there was also a accident in dt vancouver by the courthouse. i got two diff stories but either the bike or the cab ran a red and you know the rest. as far as i know the rider was taken to hospital.

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    Has anyone heard any more about this? I know someone who drove past the site of the crash as the rescue crews were arriving.

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    hope the rider is ok!!

    Ride safe!!

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    I don't know if this is the same accident that radmtnbkr heard about, but my ART instructor said he had a friend on an R6 that was recently clipped at an intersection by a cab downtown. The rider was impacted by the cage mid-way between the ankle and the knee causing a compound fracture; apparently, parts of the bone were actually sticking out of his leathers. Per my ART instructor, the rider's in hospital & is expected to walk again; docs said his gear (full leathers + boots) played a big part in saving his leg.

    Hope the rider recovers well-- ride safe everyone

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    I heard about that accident on Hwy 3 a few days ago. It sounded nasty -- the rider went over the embankment. I'm not sure how much of a drop it was, but regardless, that's not good.
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    I'm a little curious if anyone has more information on this too. I know two different people who when by there at that time. One was the last car to get through before they stopped traffic and the other was sitting on highway 3 for over two hours.

    The one that got through say that when they went through that there were two bikes. One had went flying off the edge and into a deep gully. Around the Raspberry Flats area of Manning park. The other quickly put his bike down and left it in the road.

    That's all I know.

    I pray to God that everyone is alive. There is already a cross there in memory of a truck driver that died in that same spot, we don't need to add one of our biking bretheren to that mix.

    Ride safe all.
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    In regards to downtown cab accident...

    I agree that one of the two ran a red (dunno who)
    It was a taxi-van

    If this is the one i think it is then the leathers saved the riders leg (kept everything intact if not unbroken). I don't wanna get gruesome but i hope u get the idea.

    Be in a wheelchair for about two months with leg totally straight, still more surgeries to remove pieces of bone and check for infection...

    Luckily his knee didn't get hit.

    this info is IF this is the accident is the one think it is....

    ride safe, clear the intersection...

    speedy recovery rider

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    Best of luck.

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    hwy 3 accident

    on fri jul 16?
    I was just coming up to the stopped traffic as it started to move.Not one but two truck drivers took the time to roll down their window and talk to me(they had AC).Both said a bike was involved via cb story they gave me :
    bike hit a median kicked and thru passenger over embankment,they had a helicopter on the hwy.Also within 5km bike wnt down,no details. I hope all riders and pass. were ok.

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