Sun, July 18 AM ride on S2S
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Thread: Sun, July 18 AM ride on S2S

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    Sun, July 18 AM ride on S2S

    didn't get to do any riding today (on such a nice day, too!) so looking for a short ride tomorrow AM. post up if you want to join me!!!

    WHERE: Whistler and maybe Pemberton, depending on what the group wants to do...throw out your preference when you post up

    WHEN: Sun, July 18 -- 750AM at the Church...leaving at 800AM sharp

    WHO: intermediate riders

    PACE: moderate

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    None right now...
    Did that ride today... It was amazingly hot along the stretch of new pavement north of Squamish... No breeze, and a deep black hardtop radiating heat. Bleah! We turned around just before Brandywine, as we had another commitment to get back to tonight. Saw about a hundred bikes, waved at about 90 of them (missed a few due to shifting or cornering just as I would want to wave).

    It's a great stretch of road. There's road work just north of Lion's Bay, but we were only stoped for 10 seconds northbound and not at all coming home.
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