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    Drive chain replacement

    Hey all, i have a 1989 CBR 600F, and the chain is going to need replacing soon... i would like to do it myself to avoid shop charges... ive got a manual and everything, so i guess all i need is a new chain... it is an endless style that is on it right now, so if i buy a direct replacement, ill have to take the wheel/swingarm off to get it back on, but i wont have to do any of the riveting or whatever that i have heard about?

    sorry for the noob question

    oh and i acutally meant drive chain replacement... i dont know what i was thinking
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    1989 CBR 600...

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    I just replaced my chain and sprockets, I got a 520 chain with a clip, rather than rivet, link. If your sprockets are worn in the least, you should replace them, as two sprockets cost less than one chain, and work sprockets will wear your chain quickly. With the clip link, I didnt have to remove the swingarm, just used an angle grinder to grind off one of the rivets, cutting the chain to length, put the chain in place and clipped it, and then put silicone on the clip.

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    Some people like to put on the clip link then drive it to the shop to get it riveted.

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