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Thread: radar detector recommendations

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    radar detector recommendations

    what should I look for when buying a radar detector, it's for my car and not the bike, but it would be nice to get one that was easy to move between the 2

    what features should I be looking at........I don't want to spend too much so something in the mid-range of detecotrs would be good

    also, which shops or online stores are good for these?

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    I suggest using the search feature.
    There were two semi-major discussions in the immediate past (couple of months ago and couple of weeks ago).

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    If you are going to spend money on a radar detector, swallow it and buy a good V1. The lower end detectors and mid ranged ones are absolutely crap. Valentine One is worth its weight in gold, and if you ever want to sell it, you barely lose any money.

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    Ecsort 8500 X50 which is the lastest model.
    Highly Recommended!

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