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    Cool n00b here...

    Hello all, my name is Kevin, I've been a long time dirtbiker and I just purchased my first street bike (99 CBR600 F4). I have rode a few sportbikes before (just friends bikes, R6, CBR, Gixxer) and I am aproaching my new passion with as much caution as I have always used when dirtbikin

    I have $1G worth of gear on hold at Action and I know what it is like to go down hard on dirt, so my personal rule (for myself, I could give a shite what others will think ), I will ALWAYS wear my gear. Mainly because there is no better way to insure a long happy life, but also because I will be doing some highway commuting and there are far to many idiots on 4 wheels who don't look for riders on the road.

    I consider myself a complete ameteur to the sport and have no problem with self control, as I have already lost friends who did not.

    I have a few other friends starting up this year as well, and I hope to be a good influence on their riding (why push your limits off the track?).

    I am aware that the community of experienced riders will generally stay away from riding with n00bs, and I respect that, and look forward to taking alot of time to myself to build my skill. Riding has always come naturally to me, but this is no excuse to act irresponsibly, and I have a great respect for the power at my finger tips.

    I would love any advice/good words any of you have for me, and if you see me on the road, don't expect me to try and keep up

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    good luck man. safe riding!

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    wow...amazing maturity in this post.....sounds like your on the right "track" to riding safe...and hey i would never have a problem riding with you! Its a great sport have as much fun as you can with it!

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    Welcome here, dude!
    The rarity of a mature intro here is disconcerting. Thanks for brightening the day K-Roc.
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    Thanks guys! I don't think I've ever been this excited before.

    I'd like to think that I'm pretty mature for 25 but more than anything I know what can happen (seen it first hand) when riders let their ego get control over their better judgement. My Mom is a nurse to, so I get to hear it more often than most

    Are there any good roads for a beginner to ride around Vic? I live in Shawnigan so I know alot of roads out there and around Duncan, and I will be riding the Malahat on all days except for snowy/icey conditions, but if there are some nice curves in Vic I'd love to know.

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    Oh i almost forgot...... .........ahhh there ya go!

    I have no idea of n e roads in Vic cause i live in van...but n e time ya wanna come over here there lotsa great rides going on......

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    Welcome...I'm in the same boat, but w/o the dirt bike riding experience. =) Ride safe!!

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    Thanks again and if any of you come over to the island PM me and we'll go for a burn

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    Hey welcome to the site!!

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