Anyone have a Shoei Syncrotec Helmet????
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Thread: Anyone have a Shoei Syncrotec Helmet????

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    Ol' Bug Teeth

    Anyone have a Shoei Syncrotec Helmet????

    If you have a Shoei Syncrotec Helmet, please tell me what you think of it.

    I currently have an HJC symax (the face-flippy-uppy ones). It's mostly good, although it is heavy and LOUD. Apparently almost any face-flippy-uppy helmet is loud, because at speed the air blows in the cracks. Just wondering if the Shoei version is any better/quieter. Otherwise I think I'm going to scoop and Arai and quit foolin' around...

    thanks all,


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    Sorry, I don't have a syncrotec but I have a Shoei RF-1000.
    I switched from a HJC CL-12 to the RF-1000 & it is much lighter & quieter.

    If heavy & loud is your concern, why not get a regular full face helmet instead
    of the flip up ones.

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    Don't bother with the Syncrotec. I have one, and after trying on the Symax, I couldn't believe how much more comfortable the HJC was. Better padding and interior by far.

    Problem is that the Syncrotec is based on a older design while the Symax was designed a few years later.

    Syncrotec is noisy and heavy too. There's a big difference going to a regular full face. My X-Tec is lighter and quieter - and the newer helmets are even better.

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    I owned a Sy-Max before crashing it. Before buying it I did some research on flip-ups and the Syncrotec did not fare well. Decent enough helmet, but at value for the dollar it was nearly dead last.

    Yes the flip-ups are loud. For me, with glasses, they were great. On the other hand, I didn't replace it with another. The inconvenience of a regular full-face is worth the extra protection/rigidity and relative silence.

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    i have it , no problem so far , acceptible padding . abit louder on the hwy compair with non flip up , but still okay

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