ok kiddies heres the deal ...

chevron 232st and number 1 hwy
saturday july 24 , depart at 0800, get there early for breakfast

hwy1 to hope, then merrit and have lunch there, come back through princeton on the number 3 anyone that wants to come back early can take the coq hwy back from merrit, should be a 8 or 9 hour ride the full length

EVERYONE of all skill levels and bike types is welcome

those of you aspiring rossi, hayden, bayliss types with your new super duper yzfgsxcbr rrr land based ballistic cruise missle, can go to the front of the pack and do your thing. people travelling at the speed limit dont worry we will stop every so often for gas and allow you to catch up. looks like it will be a super hot day, just dont show up for the ride wearing your sean john cutoffs, wife beater, and flip flops. leave your attitudes at home and come out to have fun.