A sobering thread from AdvRider
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Thread: A sobering thread from AdvRider

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    A sobering thread from AdvRider

    This was just posted on ADvrider.


    The regular theme there is AGATT (All Gear All The Time). Some of the posters on this site include include Jimmy Lewis, Mike Kneebone etc.

    With the hot weather bringing out scantily clad riders AGATT is a good reminder even thou in this case of Dr. MacQueen it appears he had no escape route.

    A sad story please be careful this weekend


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    Thanks for posting that.
    I wanted to post this in responce to the on-going view that riders are always in control of their destinys. This is THE example of how a very skilled, experienced rider who did everything right was smoked by a driver. Wear you're gear, watch for idiots, speed smart and take every precaution you can to be safe and minimize the risks but sometimes the cumulative law of averages catches up with you.

    That is an excellent site with hords of good information for beemerphile, dualsporters and long distance riders. Sport-touring.net is another.

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    Thanks for the link.
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    Wow... yellow motorcycle, yellow gear.

    Sobering reality... thanks for the story.

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    Jeez. Sounds like the guy had no chance.
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    It just reinforces the fact that no-one is completely immune from an accident on a bike. The only thing you can do is stack the cards in your favour.

    It really makes no sense that someone who does everything right gets taken out, while other riders get away with riding like maniacs.

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