Coor's and Molson merging together
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Thread: Coor's and Molson merging together

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    Coor's and Molson merging together

    I only watched about 2 minutes of that news briefing but from what I got both companies are going to merge into one. One of the plants will be run in Denver while the other plant will be run here in Calgary? What are your thoughts and takes on this merger. If anyone wants to add the entire story that would be awesome because all I heard was the first 2 minutes..

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    well from what ive seen it looks like another US company taking over the little canadian guy... although there is nothing little about Molson at all... it just seems like that. but well see... its understandable since they point out that the beer industry is neither growing or shrinking but rather staying constant that you need to be a big player to stay alive... and teaming gives both companies more weight in the beer game. well see how the story unfolds.

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    I've heard the merged company will be called Molson Coors. I imagine that all the current plants will remain operational. I wouldn't expect too many substantial changes to the way they operate.

    I don't drink any of their crap swill anyway, so I really don't give a shit.

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