lowering a bike
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Thread: lowering a bike

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    lowering a bike

    how much does it usually cost?
    DIYs, easy????

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    Easy? Depends on the rear suspension design and what is needed to lower it and how far you want to go. I don't recomend more an one inch at the axle or the response of the suspension will be changed to radically. Basically you do not want the swingarm to come up more than level. Once the axle is higher than the pivot odd things may happen.

    The front end is easy. Just let the forks come up a bit in the clamps. Here agian no more an one inch. If you try for more be careful that the fender does not pinch the brake lines at the lower clamp and that the fender does not hit the lower clamp. There's often not that much room to play with. In some cases the lowered front end can allow the rear of the fender or tire to contact the radiator. This needs to be watched as well.

    New lowering links for the rear are available from various sources. But many of them are intended for drag racing and lower the bike a LOT more than is wise for sporty handling. Get some that are intended for only 1 or so inches of lowering.

    And remember to cut down your side and center stands as well.

    So all in all it's probably best to have a proper shop do it. I know that both Burnaby Kawi and Imperial have done some nice work as I've seen the results from both.
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