Fying Busa's Surprise Birthday party!
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Thread: Fying Busa's Surprise Birthday party!

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    Cool Fying Busa's Surprise Birthday party!

    Hey fellow riders!

    You are all invited to come out to Flying Busa's (Julia) surprise
    birthday party.

    It will be at The Flying Swan this evening after the Mission races,
    please be there before 5:45 P.M. as to surprise Julia!

    The Flying Swan is at 4th Avenue West and Pine, please park
    your bikes in the back alley, just off of Pine street.

    There will be Coffee and Cake.

    Don't worry about Flying Busa reading this message, as she is
    already gone to the Mission races to volunteer as corner marshall.

    Her boyfriend Bog asked me to post this message for him.

    So please come out and wish Julia a Happy Birthday and have a good time!

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    I will see you there Denis.
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    Is anybody NOT at Mission today that would like to go for a ride before Julia's party (end the ride there)?

    I'm bored and I haven't ridden all this long weekend.

    I'll check back around 11:00 and again around 12:00. Maybe I'll do some yardwork to keep busy in the meantime.

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    flying busa
    Hey ducden,
    Thanks for an incredible birthday party. Hey guys, you missed a good one. We had two dj's playing live and their own music. Don't miss my end of the summer party. I'll be posting for everyone to come. All BCsportsbike guys and gals are invited. Ciao

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    Cool You're Welcome!

    You're welcome Flying Busa!

    I just played a small part in the big scheme of things, but would do it again in a hearbeat, you are worth it!

    Yeah guys, you missed a great party!

    Like Julia said, don't miss the end of summer party, stay tuned.


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