I haven't been to Victoria since the day I moved back to the mainland 3 years ago. I figure it's high time I got over it and ventured back to the floating rock.

This is something of a "Well, I'm going regardless, maybe someone wants to come with me?" I'm fully expecting to go by myself, though. So, I'm planning on leaving in the mid-afternoon on Friday, August 6th, hopping the ferry from Tsawassen to Schwartz Bay, grabbing a cheap hotel and visiting with a few old friends from my living-in-Victoria days. Then Saturday morning, I'll be getting up and riding up to Nanaimo and piddling around some... then ferry back from Nanaimo to Vancouver. (Alas, I work on Sundays, so I have to be back Saturday night.)

I don't ride stupidly fast and try to stay within 30k of the speed limit (that ticket I got last year hurt...)

Anyhoo... anyone wanna come with me?