Somebody Tried to Steal My Car
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Thread: Somebody Tried to Steal My Car

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    Angry Somebody Tried to Steal My Car

    Woke up this morning to find my car gone.

    Looked down the block and there it was, crashed against the curb.

    Went to check out the damage, the steering wheel was off and the steering wheel club was taken cleanly off the steering wheel somehow. The ignition was half turned on.

    Luckily, I went into my car before I went to bed last night to take some stuff out, like my stereo deck, my sunglasses, and my buddy's textbook.

    I'm thankful that they didn't get too far with my car. I have no idea how they did not get away with my car.

    Guess-timate that my car went only about 30 feet, before they crashed into the curb and had to leave it.

    Gotta check in with the ICBC adjustor wednesday...uggh.

    Leaves me without a car for a few days.

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    Whew...that could've been a lot worse. How do you figure they got the wheel club off? Cut the steering wheel?
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    nope, they didn't cut the steering wheel....

    the whole steering wheel was on the floor, but the wheel was in one piece

    they just took the club off cleanly somehow

    both the police officer and the towtruck guy said that recently, the thieves have a way to open up the club, as if they have a master key or something

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    what kind of car is it? when i first bought my car i was so worried it would get stolen, but i realized that other than laundry i dont keep anything significantly important in there.

    just curious as to what kind of car it was (hopefully i dont have the same car you've got)

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    it's a lowly honda civic, with cheap wheels, cheap exhaust, incomplete set of racing pedals, and no body kit

    i keep nothing of value inside my car, just some CD's and my mashimaro stuffed animal

    i have no idea why anybody would want to steal my car

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    Sorry to hear that KO7, I had my car broken into this weekend as well...blood theives

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    They can pick the Club off they can do it inless then 2 minutes,I had a friend who did it but believe me he aint no friend no more,but they can do it. Sux to hear that anyways.

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    be glad they didn't get far much less do too much damage. Mine got stolen and stereo got stripped, wheels stolen and dropped on the ground.
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