what bike to get?!
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Thread: what bike to get?!

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    what bike to get?!

    hi, i just got my lisence and im looking for a bike.. however, im not sure which model to buy, a 250 or a 500 ( i was thinking of a ninja). ive only ridden 250s before ( i just got my lisence yesterday) and im wondering if its ok to start with a 500 because im quite small ( 105 lbs, 5'4) but i cant afford to switch bikes later on and i heard that people get bored of their 250s fast... is that true? a little advicer please!

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    The simple answer is don't worry about what others are doing/have done and buy a bike you're comfortable on. If you need to upgrade you can always do so later on. The important thing is to get real world, on the road experience.
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    get an r1.. really. Any noob can handle the power, i mean really... it's just a litre bike. No biggie

    roflmao!! j/k. I would recommend a 500 or 250 as a starter bike. I don't think you would get bored of it pretty fast unless you only like straight line acceleration. It's all about the corners . The 250 is awesome to learn on and improve on the basics!!

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    whatever you feel comfortable on. It's about fitting a bike to your needs first so that you can start enjoying riding.
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    Both are good bikes to start with. Go to a store and sit on both of em. Then pick the most comfortable.

    The 250 is a very nimble bike. You can learn a lot from riding it. Don't worry about growing out of it just yet. Learn to ride the streets first!

    Good luck and ride safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by h22aSIR
    get an r1.. really. Any noob can handle the power, i mean really... it's just a litre bike. No biggie
    Don't listen to him, R1's suck. Ducati 999R's all the way!

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    Dude, you can get pretty much anything you want. The real issue is that you are the master of your own ego.

    As long as you dont pull the throttle like an idiot and use the clutch to take out power if necessary you will have no problem riding a bike with a bigger displaacement. Get a 500 or 600 and just stick to riding easy with it for a year. Dont get into races with others. Anyone who laughs at you for driving way below the means of your new ride is an idiot. This is about you and not what others think about your bike or your speed or lack thereof.

    Find a bike with an easy seating position that is somewhat forgiving. I have seen a lot of beginners lately on CBR 600 F4. They seem quite happy with it. And it is certainly good enough to keep it once you become a better rider.

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    I say get the 500, you are going to get bored of the 250 because you can only do so much with it. I was planning to buy a 250 when I got my licenses but i knew i'd want to sell it after a month or so. If you think you are going to get bored of a 250 or 500 then buy a used bike under 600cc.

    Also size doesnt matter, at 5'4" you should'nt too have much trouble flat footing a bike that has 30in seat height.

    Play it safe and treat the bike with respect.
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