accident on 88th in Langley
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Thread: accident on 88th in Langley

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    accident on 88th in Langley

    this is horrible...they just keep happening(of course). i feel like a bearer of bad news lately, but i guess its important that people be aware of the dangers. here's what i know:

    today i was in langley near 88th ave. & glover when i heard sirens heading up 88th around 8:30pm. when i left @ 10pm they still had the road blocked off with a fire truck and it looked like a couple police cars & ambulance, as well as a few cars w/4-way flashers on. later, my mom heard from the news ther was a motorcycle involved. doesn't sound too good.

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    My wife and I just got home from Abbotsford....saw 2 accidents on Hwy 1, one near 264th heading east and the other at 232. Th e one on 232 must have just happened...there was a girl lying on the side of the road but she appeared to be ok (she was talking to some people), a big cable on the highway and brush and leaves all over the highway and a pulled over semi..anyone know what happened

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    that's why I lost my power last night. Drove along 88th this morning and there were 2 cops at the accident scene, looks like they had the some special equipment out???traffic investigation unit?????

    hope rider is ok.

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    not another... prayers with the people involved.

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    I rode past the accident on 88th, took a back road around....there was an r6 pinned under a jeep rider in sight, but im pretty sure he lived....too much of this goin on guys!

    get well rider

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    Hope the rider is ok

    Ride Safe!!

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