When do the 2005 models come out?
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Thread: When do the 2005 models come out?

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    Question When do the 2005 models come out?

    I'm considering buying a new bike (Suzuki sv650, Honda CBR 600, maybe others). When are the 2005 models announced? I heard September--is this correct?

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    Depends on the make. Generally, around September. Unlike cars, bikes do have a specific season to release new models. It's kinda stupid to release an '05 model in September when demand is starting to bottom out. However, there is always lots of speculation as to what the new bike will look like once September hits.

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    New bikes are usually released In the December - January time frame in North America. This way the dealers can have their yearly shows in the Southern States to warm up for a week or two and not miss any business back home.

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