Off-Road races at Hemlock...
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Thread: Off-Road races at Hemlock...

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    Off-Road races at Hemlock...

    One local guy, Tom, told me today about off-road season that will begin in two weeks from now, in Hemlock, for who is interested.
    Great place this Hemlock, lots of dirt, lots of hard tracks, today I got frozen there, they forgot to make the fire, I found only 6 degrees (C), my hands became blue, but I was happy, my bike is a great, she deployed me on the cliff...

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    Want an appliance? Buy Japanese.
    Oi! serpico!! PM me if you want to go for an off road ride. I know another KLR owner who wants to get dirty

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    Might be getting a drz400... I'm pm you guys for a ride if I do....

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