Went to Mount Baker today. It is absolutely gorgeous up there and not busy at all. There are still many patches of snow and the heather is in perfect bloom now. I saw the usual bear and ravens. Unfortunately, you can leave the sport bike at home: the only sporty riding is on the newer pavement at the top (I took the R6). (Actually, there was an abandoned Gold Wing on its side in the bush on the way back, whatever that means. There's a fresh bag lunch with it, too.) Crews are working on over sixty (60) culverts and you can expect gravel crossing the road at each one. There are numerous "Motorcycles (sic) use extreme caution" signs and just as many candles. Some of the signs where the gravel crosses the road just say 'bump.' It turns out they don't have nearly enough signs and local kids are throwing them down ravines. Don't procreate; ride a motorcycle. Additionally they will soon be digging up bad sections of asphalt (up to three feet thick, purportedly) for repair. The work is scheduled to end late October. That means you can have a nice sporty ride up there in just over a year's time: the paving won't BEGIN until summer 2005.