3rd Watch Securipage 200 - $275
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    3rd Watch Securipage 200 - $275

    **************** SOLD **********************

    3rd Watch Alarms - Securipage 200

    This is a 2-way paging alarm: when your bike is moved (or stolen) the pager goes off at the same time as the alarm. The keychain pager is about the size of a lighter.

    This is the one Digi168 sells, his webpage is at http://3rdwatchalarms.com/main_pg.html

    This alarm is like new and has only been armed 5 times.

    It includes:

    - Alarm brain
    - 1 Remote pager
    - uncut wiring harness
    - prepped wiring harness (bullet connectors added)
    - unused speaker
    - used speaker
    - unused microwave proximity sensor
    - Antenna module
    - Blue LED
    - Manual

    I had the model 100 and upgraded to the 200 model last month. That's why many parts are not used.

    Because my bike is parked deep underground 98% of the time, I never actually arm it. So I'm going to use the money for more chains instead.

    Sells new for $400 w/ 2 remotes, asking $275.
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