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    Exclamation ooops!!

    I just replaced my plugs and decided to clean my air filter while I was at it but i forgot to oil the damn thing could this be huge problem. Should i take it all apart again and do it properly or is it a big deal.

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    oil traps dust

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    if its a K&N or similar product then YES TAKE IT OUT.

    i have run these for several years (non bike related) and they lose out BIG TIME without the oil. you wont do any damage, but you will lose any performance gains you MIGHT see with this type of filter.

    also, cleaning filters of this type will actually make you lose performance. filters, like K&N etc, actually perform better as they trap some dirt until they are sooooo dirty that they begin to restrict flow.

    i dont have the research right know to back that up, but i learned this in school and from racing.

    so think twice about when you want to clean this type of filter, before a race wouldnt be the best time
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    Damn straight take it out! It only works properly once oiled.
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    i took her out and beat her up with a little of the oily shtuf...moocho better

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