ferry to Nanaimo this weekend...
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Thread: ferry to Nanaimo this weekend...

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    ferry to Nanaimo this weekend...

    anybody else think I'm crazy for trying to take a ferry to Nanaimo this weekend without a reservation? How bout a poll on how long you think I'd be waiting at the terminal?

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    On a bike? I've always been put to the front. I don't see why the Nanaimo run should be any different. Maybe I'm not supposed to ride right past the cars on the HWY?

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    what I want to know is, when there's a line up to buy your tickets to get on, do you too have to wait in line like a sucka, or can you pull right up there aswell?

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    Just go right past all the poor slobs roasting in their cages and go up to ANY open ticket kiosk. Tell them where you want to go and they will sell you that ticket. Then they will direct you to the open lane all the way to the front of the line. All of the bike get on and off first! If there is a ton of walk on traffic you may get held up because the ferries can only carry so many people. This is due to the fact that they need to be able to supply life vests for every passenger. This is a rare occurance and you should have no trouble at all.

    Have a good voyage.

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    What Arrgo says. Bypass all lines, go to any booth, no waiting for bikes. Schweet! One of the good decisions BC Ferries made.

    [edit] Forgot to mention... There's usually a BC Ferries employee at the end of the line directing traffic. Don't just blow by them, plan to stop unless they wave you by, and if they don't then stop and tell them where you're going. They'll direct you to the right place, and it's the polite thing to do.
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    right now its a 1 car sailing weight.....you're on a bike, dont sweat it...I however have to take a car across today and Im dreading it already.


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    I'm doing this tomorrow to race at Saratogo. I sure hope it's not bad for the car but my girlfriend seems to think it'll be ok to show up really early and maybe miss one sailing. Bikes are another story. I've done it lots and they just boot you to the front every time....no matter how many cars are there.

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