Seen the New Pocketbike Choppers?
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Thread: Seen the New Pocketbike Choppers?

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    Seen the New Pocketbike Choppers?

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    Cool! Now what the hell would I do with it? Sure as shit can't race it and you can't run it on the road. Maybe pit duty, I guess.
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    Ya gotta run straight headers.... expansion chamber, who needs that? Gotta keep with the chopper spirit! Actually, I cant see any pipes in the picture?

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    The exhaust is beside the swingarm in the back. It's a single cylinder, so i would guess that what looks like the motor isn't actually it.

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    They have some at Maple Ridge Motorsports. I saw them a couple days ago. They are pretty sweet. They had a sign on them saying you don't need a license to ride them.
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    thats all we need more unlicenced motorcycle wanabees.It should be the law to have a class 6 if your riding on the road TRYING to keep up with traffic.did i open a can a worms?

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