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    Nazareth *NWS* (audio in thread)

    Did anyone go last night?

    <embed src="">

    Fucken, muthafucken kickass concert, man! Probably the loudest concert i have ever seen! (of course it helps that i was about 8 feet away from all of the speakers)

    As i was screaming my drunken ass off, hoping for Dan McCafferty to hear me calling him a "sonofabeetch", the band slowly left the stage. The drummer stayed and did a little solo. Dan returned with a set of bagpipes and started doing the "whu-whu-whu-wah-ooh-oow" shit from Hair Of The Dog and we were all like "WOOOOOOO". By the time we got to Taco Time To satisfy our narcotically-induced hunger, i could barely even talk any more from screaming so fucken much. Even this morning, my ears are ringing a little bit. Fuck, i can't wait to see these guys again, i don't care how old they get, they still put on an unbelievable show.

    Near the end, i saw some guy beat the shit out of a biker dude. I sorta stepped in front of him just to try to stop him, but he took off a few minutes later. When the biker guy got up, he was bleeding from the nose, and i tried to get him to sit down in my chair, but he just took off and came back like 20 minutes later with a couple of buddies, looking for the guy that did it. He was staring me down, and i was like

    P.S. please don't "quote" in this thread, since it fucks up my mojo.

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    heh, toldya it'd rock

    good times, good times....

    RIP Julia, our shining light

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