Need help for a 954 honda. Pipe choices etc
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Thread: Need help for a 954 honda. Pipe choices etc

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    Need help for a 954 honda. Pipe choices etc

    What is the difference between the Power commander 3r from K&N and the power commander 3r from dynojet? Is there a difference?

    What is the web side address for the K&N one? (is it the same thing?)
    I heard theres another EFI programmer, is it any good? what is the web address?

    I want to buy a exaust system for my bike, and keeping in mind that I also want to buy the power commander at a later date when I have more moola,

    What would you recommend? I will be buying the pipe first.

    Has anyone had experience with piping the new 954? Should I go with a muffler bolt on/slip on or a full exaust?

    I worry about having no bottom end putting a full pipe on, I want to put a K&N air filter on it later on when they make one for the bike.

    Does anyone have any dyno maps to show me?

    I've been to the DYNOJet web site and I noticed they have maps done for the Two Brothers racing muffler.

    Is that a good pipe? I want to get more HP out of the pipe and some sound but I dont want something stuipd loud ither..

    I have to decide about the pipe soon so any help would be great.

    Does where I live make a difference (1900feet above sea level)
    Prince George..

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    heh man,there is no difference between the pcs'.there is a pc3 and 3r,where the 3r gives ignition adjustment as well as far as pipe,the hindle is to be the best bang for the buck in full much power as many others at the price of an expensive slip-on.i personally have an akrapovic slip-on on my 929 and love it.quiet for cruising,but it sounds deep and throaty when you open it up,nice is going to come down to finances and personal prefference,but the akrapovic full system is artwork.short of that i have read many forums and no one complains about the gains from the hindle,and at a steal of a price.

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    oh ya,i have also read a very mixed bag of comments on the k&n filter.i think that there are better options that you might want to invetigate on that.about the only bonus is that it is re-usable.

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    Most stock filters these days are oiled foam as I understand it. Not much to be gained from K&N these days. If your stocker is a pleated paper elelment though.....

    Yosh also makes a very fine looking system. Mine is a little heavier than I thought it would be but that helps keep it a bit quieter. Thin headpipes can up the noise in a bad way in a tinny mettalic sorta way. You want the sound to come out the back. Not through the pipe walls.

    Other than that anything with carbon.........
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    sorrry to bastardize this thread with so many responces but the f.i.should automatically adjust to the elevation,ah fuel injection,and there are maps for most full systems for the pc,and with slip-ons they are close enough that any slip-on map should work.if you do a number of mods,it's generally suggested that you manually map on a dyno for best results.

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