A happy Carter customer
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    A happy Carter customer

    I finally got my new litre bike. It is my best purchase ever.

    Anyway, I got it at Carter and with the deal I got, I have to say a few kind words.

    Even thought Mike has been really nice, trying to make Michaela and me happy, I have to say that the deciding factor about going to Carter was in fact Troy(Stykman). We knew Mike throught a familly connection and he tried really hard to make us happy by hooking us up with nice used bikes. But in the end, it was not meant to be. Michaela and I decided to hold off a bit, so we could buy a new bike.

    With Troy going to service, from sales, we had to meet some other staff member to help complete our purchase.

    So here is a list of who helped us:

    Troy: Big thanks, you didn't play as big of a role as either of us wanted, but we will see more of you in the future.

    Bob: He was the actual saleman. He was nice efficient, he didn't have too hard of a job thought, since we allready knew what we wanted. He tried hard to make it happen sooner than we expected and that was appreciated.

    Mike: We actually went in without involving Mike at first, only because things kinda happened fast once we got the ball moving. Once he found out about Michaela and I, he was sure to tell anyone that dealt with us to make us beyond happy.(Mission accomplished)

    Greg: Because of a current issue with the bussiness manager at the coquitlam location, we had to deal with carter granville financing. Hence we had the pleasure of meating Greg. He is a very professionnal, respectfull, patient and informative fellow. He answered all my questions, without rushing me or loosing patience when I was not completly satisfied with the answer.

    This being my first new bike purchase, I cannot rate it because I have nothing to compare it with. But I am definatly a happy customer.

    Thank you all, see you soon.
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    ...and even happier Greg at Carter!

    Quote Originally Posted by miraclejoe
    ...we had the pleasure of meating Greg.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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