Seattle 19th July Trackday
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    Seattle 19th July Trackday

    Received in Email yesterday:

    Hello fellow Adrenaline Freaks,

    This is email is to inform each and everyone of you that I was contacted by Pacific Raceways in regards to a possible half-day practice to be held on Friday july 19th. As many of you already know, the July 19th Track Day was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the NHRA. However, PR called me yesterday and informed me that the track will be available from 9:00 AM -1:00 PM.

    My question to you all is as follows....

    If AF agrees to put on this half day, how many of you would be interested? Needless to say the cost of the Track Day would be half the normal cost, $75/rider if prepaid before the July 14th deadline or $100/rider if payment is made after the deadline. We would ride all four hours non-stop and must be off the track by 1:00 PM sharp. Camping will be allowed and we will once again have the use of the Airfence as well as corner workers and EMT's.

    I know that four hours doesn't seem like much time but at least it is track time that we all need and would enjoy. Also, for every person that brings a friend to join us in all the fun riding, you will get $25/off/person. Basically, if you bring me 3 friends, you get the track day for free (your friend must be registered online and name you as the referring person or must call us, no exceptions!!)

    I look forward to hearing from you all in regards to this potential half-track day.


    Mario Alvarez
    Adrenaline Freaks, LLC
    Track Day Excursions
    Phone: 253.222.2013

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    When he says "four hours non-stop", does that mean there are no groups and it's a free for all like at Spokane?

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    nope, non-stop as in keep on rotating groups w/o stops. I don't think you want to be out there w/ all the racers at the same time anyways!

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