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Thread: Buying a used bike

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    Buying a used bike

    I don't know if this topic has been cover or not. I tried to search, but it always give me an error msg. Anyways

    I m planning to buy a 90s used bike, what are some of the stuff i should look for. Vin check? etc? does 77000k sound alot on a honda engine?

    If the owner don't let a test ride, what is some of the solutions to figure if the bike is in normal working condition?

    other inputs are welcome


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    I'm no expert since I just recently got into this sport, but from what I can telll mileage depends alot on the type of engine and how well it was maintained. IE. If this was a single cylinder engine, then yes 77K could be considered high, but on a 2 or 4 cylinder engine, while still high mileage, if the engine was cared for with regular oil changes etc it should still be decent. My 90 EX500 has 31K for comparisions...

    Things to look for, tires of course, leaking fork seals/suspension, chain moves smoothly with no kinks, brakes/pads are decent. Drum brakes should have a dial indicator for percentage left. Gas tank for rust, steering moves freely.

    If the bike has a center stand, you could always use that and start up the bike. Should be able to shift through first and second that way. If in doubt, try to bring someone who knows more about bikes.

    Try here for more advice:

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    Do the Vin check , leins, accidents , etc.....bring it to a shop get an inspection..compression test, leak down, make sure they do what you ask ..specify what you want done..if it passes ...theres not alot more you can do ...go for it !! But hey 77'000 is a little on the high side..unless its real cheap ???

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