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    Question 2 Stroke Troubles

    Hey all,
    I have an 85 Yamaha DT 200 with 2 little quirks:
    1) Once the engine is warm, the kick start no longer works? It will start first kick if I haven't been riding it for about 30min or so. After I've got her going though, she will stall and then, no matter how hard I try, I cannot kick start her for the life of me.
    2)(Sort of in conjunction with#1) She stalls out if I'm not constantly on the throttle. Again, starts and runs no prob if she is cold, but after a few blocks....splutter.

    Please, mechanical gurus, share your pearls of wisdom with me so I will no longer have to push start my bike through intersections while everyone points and laughs.

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    This is a common indication of a 2-stroke that's tired but, let's not assume the worst. Check and clean or replace the plug and make sure the ignition wire is very tight on the plug top. New caps on the ign wire and/or a new wire might be in order. Anything you can do to strengthen the ignition system will help alot.


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    I had the same problem..... It was for me a Bad coil that when it got warm it would loose power and die out... It could also be it just needs new piston and rings but i dont think so....

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    Thanks for the help.
    Although I havent gotten the bike fixed up yet I'm hoping that the coil is the problem. I was reassured of that today when I was ridin around and the bike would just stop firing. So, its time to look for a new coil (the plug and wire are new).

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    Nope, the bike is full on dead now. Took her to a shop where I was informed she had no compression and I would need a new piston.
    MY new question is: should i just replace the piston and rings or go on and do a full engine rebuild and how much would it all cost?

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    You could get a new piston and rings and not sure about that engine but most 2 strokes have a replacable cylinder jug as well.

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