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Thread: Tankbag magnet question

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    Tankbag magnet question

    I was just wondering if a tankbags magnets (for those tankbags that have them) will harm the information stored on an iPod or other disc drive based .mp3 player. I know that it will kill your bank cards and other magnetic strip cards but an iPod? I'm not so sure. Anyone have any first hand experience or insight?

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    well i know if ya run a strong magnet over a comp hard drive it will wipe it clean ..and doest the ipod have like a 6 gig hd ?? id be keepen it away from any magnets my self .

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    I would always have something in between the magnet and my electronics. If I can't do that, I keep my palm pilot or mp3 player in the clear plastic map sleeve on the top.

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    You'll be fine.

    Modern electronics (hard drives in particular) have an extremely high magnetic density that you'd need a really, really, really strong magnetic force to do something.

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    Watch out! Islandgixxer was having engine troubles and it turned out it was because of the magnets in the tank bag. I can't remember the explanation but it was totally fixed after removing the bag.

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    Well, that's Suzukis for ya!!

    I've used a tankbag more often than not and never had a problem with my bank cards or MiniDisc player. I don't think the magnets are strong enough to cause damage.
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    No problem with the magnets. MP3s with flash memory have very few enemies. The ones with HDs are more suseptible to shock or vibration than your magnets. If you're worried about it put the unit in the top of your tank bag.

    I found I have more problems with metal particles sticking to the bag and then scratching my tank.

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    ...blah, blah, blah, credit cards, bank cards, library cards, etc., blah, blah, blah...

    Just a friendly reminder.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mesoknotty
    Watch out! Islandgixxer was having engine troubles and it turned out it was because of the magnets in the tank bag. I can't remember the explanation but it was totally fixed after removing the bag.
    When I talked to a few mechanics about the problem they said there is a small bearing type ball that is close to the top of the fuel tank. When a magnetic tank bag is placed on the tank it lifts this ball, (which allows air or something into the tank) and the bike will starve for fuel. Crazy, I know. But when I removed the magnetic tank bag the gixxer came back alive. I also heard that it only happens on FI bikes.

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    mp3 players, digital camera. no problem whatsoever
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    Thumbs down Tank Bag,s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my rideing partners got a peice of grit between the magnetic tank bag and his tank on at trip up to Princeton When he got up to the chevron at Princeton he removed it to fuel up and the scratches on the tank were nasty , Don't know if it came up off the HWY or it was under there when he put it on in the Morning, Just something to be aware of.

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