Recommended fairing materials??
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Thread: Recommended fairing materials??

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    Recommended fairing materials??

    K, I'm assuming the bike came with abs plastic fairings, the gouges in it show black plastic, What are the pro's and con's of switching to fiberglass and if I do should I switch both sides or can I change just one side without messing up anything??

    Due to rider error I do have to purchase at least one side of the bike fairing.

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    Generally speaking, plastic pieces look better and have superior fit and finish as it's easier to mold plastic into complex shapes. But as soon as plastic cracks or breaks, you're doomed.

    Fiberglass probably won't fit as well as a plastic. But it's more durable and is less likely crack or shatter on impact like plastic. Unlike plastic, busted fiberglass is fixable.

    Borderline can comment on this better than me.

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    id say the pros' are light weight ,fully customizable ,usually come with a belly pan catch tray for engine failures or coolant leaks ,infinately fixable ,cheaper to repair ,WAAAAAy cheaper to buy .
    the cons are it may not fit perfect (it can it just takes time and effort ) ,making a stock headlight fit is difficult,usually only has one seat .

    In my opinion glass is much better .And when painted you cant tell it apart from metal or plastic surfaces .

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    can't mix and match aftermarket fiberglass and stock plastics. Typical stock plastics are two pieces, whereas stock are 3 or 4 pieces. Plastic pieces can be plastic welded for pretty cheap (I had 6 cracks on three fairings done for $125, whereas fiberglass "race" glass can be repaired easily with fiberglass repair kits.

    Running fiberglass on the street is not a great idea as they won't hold up "as well" due to the mileage you put on them (vibration etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDG
    can't mix and match aftermarket fiberglass and stock plastics.
    Running fiberglass on the street is not a great idea as they won't hold up "as well" due to the mileage you put on them (vibration etc.)
    they hold up just the same if not more if you re-inforce stress areas with kevlar or carbon fiber .race bikes are under a lot more stresses than a street bike.

    ,i have mixed race glass with stock plastics and it works just the same .I took a race upper and shaped it to fit stock plastic sides .You can make ANY fiberglass upper or belly fit stock bikes if your willing to spend the hrs cutting ,drememlling and sanding until it fits .

    alternatively you could keep your street upper so you have the original headlight and mounts and buy a race upper and belly and shape the race upper/sides to fit to the stock plastic upper then attach the belly as normal .

    They are two diff widths so when re-inforcement is added to the fiberglass edges it makes up the size diff .

    or you could buy the uppers that has which are carbon fiber,fiberglass or kevlar with the cut outs for stock lights and they match up to stock plastics if you dont want to spend the time yourself .Also a loto f other companies like ,TARGA ,airtech, etc sell fiberglass replacement OEM style parts .

    lots of options to mix and match and once painted you cant tell the diff.ONly thing is the amount of finish work you have to do to get rid of level imperfections ,pin holes etc in the glass that tend to pop up everywhere .

    also the stock tail light can also be mounted with some trimming of the glass becasue they usaully tend to have those areas filled ,some come with the tail light holes and openings molded in ,they just need to be cut out .Or an undertail with tail lights can solve that problem .or just run the OEm plastic tail .

    if you do race upper shaped to fit plastic sides ,or race upper shaped to fit plastic headlight upper ,or a race belly attached to stock upper and sides it can all be done with time and effort .Buy your self a cheap dremel ,some files and sandpaper and a LOT of measuring you can make anything work .JUst remember to

    1.measure ,mask cut a little FIT iT

    2.measure ,dremel a bit FIT iT
    3.dremel some more FIT IT
    4.sand a little FIT IT
    4.dremel some more FIT FIT
    5.FIT IT **and by fitting it that means fit the entire thing ,so basically dismanlte the fairings over and over again,with every single nut and bolt,youd be suprized how one fastener can screw up the whole thing

    repeat step 5 til you get it cuz if you cut to much its a beeeyatch to fix it .

    pictured below damaged 99 f4 full race upper repaired headlight fabbed and cut to fit 01 f4i sides .
    600rr race tail cut and brackets fabbed to fit OEM tail light
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