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    Couple terminology questions, I've figured out squid and cager, and I understand that high side and low sides are drops, but what's the difference in damage and accident cause?

    If there's any other jargon you can think of to enlighten me on, feel free, I hate looking more stupid than I have to.

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    lowside vs highside:

    Let's say you are turning RIGHT, in a big long corner.

    If the rear wheel was to slide out from underneath you to the outside of the corner, you would end up on the inside of the corner (the "low" side of your lean) and thus would have 'lowsided' the bike.

    Alternatively, if your rear wheel was to slide outwards, and then suddenly gain traction, you could be catapulted over the bike to the outside of the corner (the "high" side of your lean) and thus you've "highsided" the bike.

    99.9% of the time, a lowside is a lot less painful and damaging than a highside.

    Oh and don't forget your CHICKEN STRIPS!

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    Low side, too much brake/gas or simply pushed too far when the bike is leaning over hard in a corner, Damage will probably be broken brake lever, missing foot peg, scratched/cracked fairing etc, Bike and rider simply fall over and slide.

    High side, seems like it's usually caused when the back kicks out, too much throttle out of a corner or poor traction, maybe painted line,etc. The back kicks out then regains traction, the bike does not fall over, it flips to the outside of the corner launching the rider over it and bike and rider tumble to a stop. This usually involves a lot more pain for the rider and a lot more damage to the bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiophile
    Oh and don't forget your CHICKEN STRIPS!
    hehe yeah and the honey mustard too
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    Maybe Adam should add a "Glossary" thread in here for the newbs. So we can explain a squid, cage, highside, lowside, road crayon, chicken strips, noob, and "Harped".

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    I wish.
    Good idea Dru, I'll put it on my huge list of things to do.
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