It started life as a 1979 Yamaha XS650 Special (you know, the one with the shorty pipes, stepped seat and big buckhorn handlebars). Rated at 53 bhp, it's good for about 110 mph and weighs 460 lbs.
5-speed transmission. The engine that's in it is a 1978, upgraded with electronic ignition (usually starts first kick), genuine K&N filters with a suitable re-jet of the twin Mikuni carbs. Approximately 40,000 kms on the motor. Seat has been cut down and re-upholstered (by me, and not very professionally), paint is Plastikote "Hot Rod Black" (again, by me). It has K&N drag bars and XS750 dual slotted discs with an XS1100 master cylinder. Tail light is 1972 vintage, and bronze swing arm bushings have been installed. Included with the bike are a factory Yamaha service manual, OEM tool kit, parts list, re-done cylinder head, rear sprocket, spare clutch and throttle cables (2 each, I think), new roller steering bearing set and a butt-load of miscellaneous parts I picked up when Daytona went tits up, especially electrical units.
The bike smokes and could use a top end at some point. Anybody who's ridden with me knows how long you can ride a bike that smokey and how cheap engines are. Roller bearing crank, roller big and needle little con-rod ends and a roller bearing chain-driven camshaft means this SOB will last forever if you change the oil regularly (and even if you don't, apparently - ask me how I know). As for tire wear, that rear that's on it is a Continental sport touring tire I bought new in 1994 and it's not even half-worn. Front is 2 years old and looks new.
Bike is in Langley in my heated garage, and I'm looking for $1K for it, but am negotiable. I was riding this bike regularly until the end of June.
I won't lie to you, this thing's a rat bike, but it's done me very well for several years. If you or someone you know (son or wife, perhaps) wants a reliable midleweight bike that doesn't get hurt when you drop it, this is a good 'un.
You can reach me at the e-mail address in my profile, PM me, or on my cell phone at 778-839-0878. You'll find I'm friendly, smart and honest, and rather good-looking. I look forward to meeting you.