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    Duffy loop

    i'm on vacation next week (wo-hoooo!!!) and planning to do the loop (in reverse...the loop i mean, not the bike ) in one of the weekdays. to those who's already done it this year (recently), how are the roads? i'm planning on going up to lytton, then #12 to lillooet, then back down. thanks in advance!!!

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    I just got back from that exact route, not an hour ago.

    #12 is ok, it's grooved for a lot of the route but overall fine. There's some brand new pavement and there was a crew painting lines.

    #99 Lillooet to Pembertons is kinda rough... it's the first time I've done the loop, is it always like that? I was trying to pick good lines through the curves but spend most of the time avoiding broken pavement. Didn't see much loose gravel, but at 100km/hr the road itself looks like gravel... a bit unnerving.

    Beware the roadwork #99 south of Whistler, mid week there's closures. Otherwise slow and bumpy through the construction section.

    We also got off the #1 at Abbotsford, took the #11 north and took #7 out to Hope. I think it's a little longer, but I recommend it.

    600km door-to-door.

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    I was on the "other" reverse loop last week. Just by the looks, and how I felt, the reverse loop is the best. No boring #1 as the last leg.

    #1 is not fun. Did a portion from Spenses Bridge to Cache Creek. At least I think it was the #1. Not much fun. Lots of traffic. Although it'd probably be better on a weekday.

    If you think you can handle it, add 200-300km to the trip and head to Princeton first. Then up to Merrit and over to Lytton.

    Duffy is fun. Great views for most of it. The road isn't the best, but everyone says that. Near Lilloet, it's really nice. A bit of gravel here and there, but still very good. The road is old looking, but not really dirty. Closer to Mount Currie, the road get's rougher. There are some wicked hairpins. Think Mt. Seymour's toughest hairpins. It's easy if you take it somewhat slow. No crazy stuff. I also enjoyed it a lot.

    Either way, have lots of fun.

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