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    is it possible to ...

    to fit 2001 or 2002 gAUGE cluster on 2000 f4?
    i suspect i would need diffr cables(wires)
    would anything else change?--since 2001-2004 is digital....
    99 and 2000 isnt...

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    A lot will depend on what sort of signals are sent to the tach and speedo by the ignition computer. If they are compatible then you may only need to play with the connector by making an adapter.

    But, and this is only a guess, I suspect the signals for these very different sort of guages are different as well. One way to find out is compare the part numbers on the ignition computer box. If they are the same then the switch should be possible. If not then you're out of luck. I'm talking about the actual label and not the Honda part number. Those numbers often change to suit the model but if the physical parts are the same then the label on them should have the same part number.
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    This has been discussed on before....can't recall the outcome but search there and you'll find the answer

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