What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ??
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Thread: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ??

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    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ??

    What do you think is gonna happen....

    I'm livin in DEtroit here and i need to get some car insurance, however i have a *minor* speeding infractions that i didn't pay in Nevada that i recieved over Christmas. I just thought i'd never drive in nevada again. Will that unpayed ticket be declared on my record in Michigan on either my drivers lisencse or insurance record. I thought i wouldn't but i don't really know now that state farm is checking my back round. Also can they force me to pay it before they give me insurance, or will my insurance go up. No one really knows around here and i didn't wanna ask my insurance broker. Any american insurance experience?

    If they found the ticket i thought that if i apply for a new lisencse in MI from scratch (its only a written test no on-road) then no one would ever have to see my BC lisencse and would therefore not see the ticket as it would be attached to the lisencse number not my name.
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    You got a ticket in NV on a BC license? Correct?

    And now you live in Detroit.

    First off, you should get an MI license because a local license will give you a better insurance rate, plus after 3months in Detroit I think it is mandatory for residnts to exchange their old license for a local one if you are from ou tof state. Same goes for license plates, after 2 months at the latest they have to be MI plates or you could lose coverage from your current insurer. If police stops you and dont buy some tourist excuse they might go as far as impounding your vehicle. Had that happen to a friend in Seattle, he was from Texas. They stopped him once and did nothing, but recored his plate number. The second time around 3 months later, they stopped him again and found that earlier record. The result was that he had to walk home.

    I dont hink the insurance would be able to find you NV ticket. If you were a US driver's license holder maybe. No insurance can make you pay a ticket. All they care about is the record to grade you for their premium scale. Only in BC where licensing, and insurance is in one hand they can screw you in every direction

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