Went out for a coffee... (Coffee 101)
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Thread: Went out for a coffee... (Coffee 101)

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    Went out for a coffee... (Coffee 101)

    OK, so it was more than that... but I got a kick out of the Destination Highways definition for poser.
    Roughly: A Guy that rides to Starbucks to hang out. (I think that it says “guy” ‘cuz… a girl wouldn’t do that.)

    So, this weekend I went out for a coffee. After making it through the Pacific Crossing w/ no problem. We stopped briefly in Olympia then turned right for the coast.
    Upon hitting the coast, we turned Left (south) onto the 101. The 101 wends its way through forest twisties (light) and eventually down along the coast through some mellow little towns. WOW, what a cool little ride. If there was a long way around, we took it. (On purpose!)

    And, man o’man, the bridge to Astoria OR. You don’t really get a sense of how long it is until you’ve been travelling on it for more than a few minutes. It’s an impressive 4.1 miles so @ 60mph … it’s (ah… let’s see… divided by the coefficient of drag, multiplied by the average wing-speed velocity of an unladen European swallow…) 4.1 minutes.
    I figure that Evil Kenival with enough speed could get air-born off the south end ski jump (read: approach to girder span south end).

    Once through Astoria, we continued to head south along another long floating bridge and you’ll start coming across some more impressive viewpoints off the Oregon coast. Bay City looked like a nice place to stay… but … no rooms at the inn. Or any other inn for that matter at the next few towns.
    Oh, we did stop for food... in Cloverdale of all places (yup, just south of Hugo OR.)
    Lincon City was the only place we could find lodgings.
    The hotel in Lincon was prime real-estate, ocean view, pool, breakfast… all the amenities… (read: pricey)… but after a long day of riding, it was worth it!

    The next Morning (Sunday... yesterday) The guys I was riding with turned south again to follow the coast down to LA via Carmel etc.
    I turned back and followed some rode back to Portland. It was nice and all… but not the fun of the 101.

    Oh, and the coffee… Across the street from the Starbucks in Olympia on Capital Way South… there’s a group of people hanging out in front of a Coffee shop… it’s because they make awesome coffee. (Can’t recall the name. I'll go back then post an edit.)

    Next trip, it’s the whole Olympic coast down to Florence for dune-buggy races!!!

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    that's a sweet bridge, I went on it a long time ago. That town's where Kindergarten Cop was film! GO ARNOLD!

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    Yeah, that's a nice trip riding down the coast. More scenic than tight owing to the speed zones through all the little towns, though, but the sand dunes rock!

    It's a blast ripping around on those little ATVs. That kind of activity would never be allowed in BC, it's just too much fun.

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    Sounds like you did the same route I did in 1996 on my first long trip. My aunt had bought a pub in Coos Bay so I went to visit. I remember the psycho logging trucks in Washington were going like 80 miles an hour all the time through the twisties. I guess when you travel the same road everyday for 8 hours you get pretty comfortable.

    Just a note about Astoria- my wife says "Goonies" was filmed there. Did you go see the famous tower?

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    "Booty traps."

    "You mean, booby traps."

    "That's what I said, booty traps."

    Ahh, the Goonies. I bought it on DVD — how sad is that?
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    Ahh, the Goonies. I bought it on DVD — how sad is that?
    Ugh... Hang your head in shame...

    You are officially a movie a junkie - get your ass into rehab as soon as possible...
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