kickstand too long... weld???
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Thread: kickstand too long... weld???

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    kickstand too long... weld???

    I'm wondering if anyone here can do some basic welding? My kickstand is now too long and so my bike falls over unless I park on a hill or park the front tire on a curb. (I got new 17" rims... so my bike is not as tall anymore)
    I'm wondering if someone knows how to chop off an inch or so of my kickstand, then weld the little foot back onto it???

    I'm really really strapped for cash right now, and am just hoping someone on bcsb might sympathize with my situation and could maybe help me out. I would be more than willing to buy you a coffee or lunch or something as a token of appriciateion if you can help me out.

    pm me please or e-mail me at thanks!
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    My what?
    Come on over to Midas at Fell and Marine and ask for me (Robert). We'll see if we can't get that fixed for you. 986-5361 I'll be there every day but wednesday this week.
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    RSM do that kind of work as well , anyway , why is it tooo long , did you lowered the bike?

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    I own a steel manufacturing shop in N van. PM me if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2atie3737
    (I got new 17" rims... so my bike is not as tall anymore)
    I think she explained that part...

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    It might be possible to grind the stop down, so the kickstand goes farther foreword enuff to work...
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    Holeshot in Langley did mine when my F4i was lowered.
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