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    adventures of CB450...

    oh what a day!!! finally on vacation, so had the chance to go for a day ride. prior to today, longest ride i went on was to that nice restaurant by hwy 1, past lillooet. so was really looking forward to today...decided to do the loop and see what all the fuss (positives and negatives) was about. figure i'd do a reverse loop, as i didn't want to be coming home on the #1. so took the #1 to hope, then on to lytton, then #12 to lillooet, then back down through pemberton/whistler/squamish.

    WHAT A F---ING GREAT RIDE! (pardon my french!)
    i was skeptical about doing this ride, cuz of all the negative things i hear about. so i figure to those who are in the same position as me: intermediate rider who loves fast sweepers, and iffy about doing the loop cuz of bad things you've heard, here's a brief analysis of the loop, so that you may get a really good idea of what to expect:

    #1 to hope: i don't think i have to say anything about this part...BORING!
    hope to lytton, #1: good, paved roads. no surprises really. you get nice, fast sweepers and switch backs at times...for the most part though, it's point-and-shoot roads. i think i averaged 150-160 km/h on this leg.
    lytton to lillooet, #12: (that's 2 thumbs up!) this section is NOT smooth asphalt. it's the bumpy kind. however, it's nothing at all to worry about. some sections have extreme bumps, but they are visible, so if you're paying attention, there should be no surprises. if you see a sign that says go 30 around an upcoming curve, respect's going to be a tight hairpin most of the times. i didn't respect the very 1st one i saw, and let's just say thank goodness i know my bike really well, or else i would have been part of the vegetation by the road. take it easy on the tight twisties, cuz you only get them in spurts. some parts are very fast sweepers, so enjoy the tights ones when you get 'em. there is a lot of gravel on the side of the road and on occasion, there were some on the road as well. once again, if you're paying attention and looking ahead, you'll be fine. oh yeah, be nice to the people that you pass (if any...i think i came upon 1 car in the whole leg!) cuz if your ride breaks down or you break down (knock on wood), those 1 or 2 cars is all the help you've got. there's no one around at all! no houses, no help!
    lillooet to pemberton, #99: WOW!!!!!! i'll say that again...WOW!!! you want twisties? it's there! you want scenery? it's there! what more could you ask for? this section of the loop demans ALL your attention and respect!!! i can easily see riders getting into accidents on this section: road is bumpy (my ride felt like a gallopping bull at times), as it is not smooth asphalt; in some sections, road is so bad that position 3 is 1 inch lower than position 1; for some reason, all the wooden bridges you cross are part of a 30km/h curve---make sure you see your exit before you roll your throttle on!!!; there's some crazy hairpins closer to pemberton...i think 3 or 4 that were right after one your speed and the occasional gravel on the road. limit is 60, but i was averaging around 110-120. that's a good limit if you're taking this road for the 1st time. on the curves, i was generally doing 30-40 above the posted curve speed limit...for the 30 km/h curves though, i tended to do 20-30 above.

    i won't bother with the rest, cuz i know most people do the S2S up to pemberton. and of course, the day couldn't end without a run-in with the police! came up to a passing lane and of course, i get on the throttle. was up around 200 when i saw a cop car with radar set up, but about 10 metres ahead of the cop car was the cop waving me over. so i knew that he couldn't have gunned me, so he was pulling me over purely based on visual. took my license and insurance info, went to his car...meanwhile, i was wondering how much the ticket was going to be for, cuz i knew he didn't have a reading on my exact speed. he came back to me and the coolest thing happened: he said that he has a bike too, so he knew how it was. decided to give me a warning!!! guy has an R6, so we chatted about that for awhile. he gave me the warning ticket and asked me, "by the way, how fast were you going anyway?" i sort of hesitated, but he said he already gave me the ticket, so it's not like he can take it back. so i told him i was going 150. the guy even told me to have a great ride and that he wished he was riding instead of working. none of this "have a safe ride and slow down" speech! wo-hoo!!!

    sorry for the length of this post...ride safe!

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    I'm surprised that you didn't pick up a performance award on the old #1 between Hope and Lytton. It's often patroled.

    Other than that it sounds pretty much like I ride and respect the roads up there. In the tighter woods area between Lillooet and Pemberton I like to hold it down to between 100 and 120 on the straights as I've seen deer in the woods and occasionally on the road up ahead. No point in taking TOO much risk on the straights I figure.
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