VIA C3 1Ghz Workstation
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    VIA C3 1Ghz Workstation

    $120 obo!

    I'm selling an almost complete system. It includes everything to work except a hard drive.

    The VIA C3 runs at 1Ghz and runs very cool. There is no fan on the heat sink, nor is there a need for a case fan. The only fan that runs is the one in the power supply unit.

    This system is incredibly quiet. There's a little whirr coming from the psu, but it's a couple years old and is expected. But a quality psu and a modern hard disk and this system will be perfect for surfing and office apps since the damn thing is so quiet and generates no noise what so ever.

    It has integrated video, audio, and networking. One caveat is that there is no AGP slot. You can upgrade the video through a PCI slot, but if you're looking for a gaming machine, the C3 is not the processor you want in the first place.

    That being said, it should be fine for 2D stuff like Gunbound, and even Halflife/Counterstrike runs on it (just use Direct3D and 640x480).

    Also included with this system is a 2x CD-RW. Not the latest and greatest, but if you need to burn something, you can.

    But wait, there's more ! You get a Lexmark Z22 printer. No ink or cable.

    The system is already fully and properly cabled and ready to go with the install of a hard drive (and O/S naturally). Cabling is 1 80-pin IDE, 1 40-pin IDE, and a floppy. Hard disk and CD-ROM are on the 80-pin with the CD-RW on the 40 pin so you can do on the fly burning.

    All parts are working, have no problems, and I have tested them myself with a test hdd.

    Contact me through PM if interested or email

    Here are the specs:
    • 19" ATX Tower, includes 250W PSU
    • VIA C3 1Ghz CPU
    • ECS P6STMT Motherboard
    • 128MB of PC133
    • Integrated Video, Audio, NIC
    • 38X CD-ROM
    • 2/2/24 (write/rewrite/read) CD-RW
    • 1.44" Floppy
    • Lexmark Z22 Inkjet printer


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