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    Quick Mechanical Question

    Alright, first off, my bike. . . It's an '89 Kawi Ninja, looks good, and runs fine, well, runs fine as long as it's not rained on. Now here's my question. What would cause my bike to bog out hardcore after it's been rained on for a couple of minutes? When I start the bike, it sounds like it has no power at all, when I rev the engine, it sounds extremly bogged down. There's no power-band, and it usually takes a good 10 minutes of riding to get my power back. I've resorted to buying myself a tarp for my bike, so when I park her in the middle of a rain storm, I just cover it up, and poof, problem solved. . . only problem, it's a pain in the ass to haul that thing around all the time. So needless to say, I'm looking to fix the problem, but I'd rather do it on my own, as a learning experience for myself. Any help would be much apprieciated.


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    Must be a Kawasaki thing, mine doesn't run very well in the rain either. Hopefully someone might have some insight.

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