New to this forum-with a couple of questions
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Thread: New to this forum-with a couple of questions

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    New to this forum-with a couple of questions

    First off- Hi to everyone

    I realize this is a sportbike forum and I have a 1100 Honda Spirit cruiser. And I love the way these forums are setup up. But I was wondering if this is strictly "sportbikes" or not? Also does anyone know a link, for forums like this - but for "cruisers"?

    The thing I like the most about these forums is the "I'm going for a ride, you comin'?" section. Problem being if I show up with a cruiser, I might not be able to keep up.(cause I know what your sportbikes can do)


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    welcome to the boards

    We have all types of riders and all sorts of bikes on this board. Dont hesitate to join any of us on posted rides. There are a lot of very casual speed trips around town, up the coast, down south and into the interior. I dont know a particular site quit like this off the top of my head, if you do a search im sure you wont come empty handed. Enjoy your stay, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Thanx that sounds great. Anyone else know of any cruiser web sites. I did a seach and came up with one small one....

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    I wish.
    You could try or , the ladder has a very large cruiser section.
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