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    I am going to buy an integrated rear tail/signal light for my cbr 600 rr. I was wondering before i order one if any other rr owners out there have it and how you like it. I saw one at tobefast.com. That is the only one i have seen so far. Are there any others out there? It is $199 american. If anyone knows of any other led signal integrated tail lights out there please let me know. Thanks.

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    IMHO integrated signals are very dangerous. Tail lights are meant to signal braking, signal lights are meant to signal turning. If you mix them up other drivers can easily get confused. If you cause an accident not only are you at-fault but you could also be run over.

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    Ya... I'd thought of it when I did the fender clean-up.
    (Fender Clean up is a definate must!!! Way nicer lines.)

    Decided against integrated signals for the aforementioned reasons.
    Although... LED's are/can-be tremendously bright. It's a real trade off on clean vs. run-over.

    My 2 cents.

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    They are the best out there. I had one on my 03 636. While some people argue that they are hard to see. Everyone that saw mine said it was very definitive, no mistaking which way I was planning to turn.

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    Do a search over on 600RR.net. There are a couple companies that make them...some of them selling on ebay for cheap.

    Like everyone says, they can be dangerous on the street due to the above reasons.

    If you really want to be different, there are a couple guys on 600RR.net that will take your existing passenger foot pegs and integrate LED's into them.

    pic of rear passenger footpeg with integrated LED's

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    Man, some smokin' mods / options for the signals.
    I'm at the stage where I'm just "suckin' it up" to mod the front signals from the bug-eyes to the semi-flush mount. (Not burried... but not shorty-stalk)
    The suckin' it up part is the possibility that I'll need to "shave" the nubbin down to make the light sit flush. (I'm looking at other options... but I want it smooth.)

    Damn Honda for the nubbin' on the stalk. (Also damn them for making me take off all the fairings to get at the front signal lights.)
    Oh well... it's all for the bike's vanity. (It's not mine really!)

    Maybe I'll do it when I install the sliders. (whole drill... "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you")

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    i've seen the ones for the RR's and they look like stock, but definitely don't work like it.

    The had yellow LED's for the turn signal and it lit up half of the tail light in yellow. and then when no signals, the whole tail light lights up red.

    I'd say it works well, expect your signals are not all that far apart and may be obsrtucted from other's view in some scenerios

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    www.vfxkits.com has wicked looking ones
    02 R1- stolen Nov 24/02

    Hang Thieves

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    daaaaaaaaaaaaamn i like that passenger foot peg LED mod. that's dope!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    That Dr. X tail light kit looks sick. Has anyone bought stuff from them? Where are they located, and it something you can order through a dealer?

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