always up for a weekend or after work ride.
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Thread: always up for a weekend or after work ride.

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    always up for a weekend or after work ride.

    Call me anytime for a ride.
    Ray Lagace 778-839-3028

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    sounds cool, Ray

    I am a "financial guy" too, so we might even have something to chat about on the coffee break.

    I dont believe I have met you. If you don mind we could ride S2S to see if our riding objectives match.

    Friday evening or weekend mornings, before traffic, how does that sound?

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    none at the moment
    Wrong forum, we have a forum for guys who want to go for rides.

    Welcome to the board anyway
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    I moved it here, because Ride forum is for specific rides, whereas general is for general bike stuff

    I find specific ride posts (ie: ride february 31, noon) work best (or at least they get more views/responses). nobody looks at "I want to ride" posts, they fade into obscurity pretty quickly. all they do is add to the general noise..

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