Stolen Bike - What to do now?
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Thread: Stolen Bike - What to do now?

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    Stolen Bike - What to do now?

    Hey Everyone,

    This is my first post, so be easy on me

    Last night my BF's bike was stolen from our driveway. As he goes off to work and deals with the police and ICBC, I knew I had to go and find the biking community. So I'm calling for support from fellow riders, perhaps to keep an eye out...who knows where it will pop up - in good..or bad shape
    The wheels and handlebars were locked, so I'm assuming it was loaded up into a truck. Also if anyone knows of anywhere else I can post this message, please let me know...I just want to feel like I'm doing something and not taking this sitting down, it's such a violating feeling.

    It's a 2001 Yamaha R6 - plate # E39 825
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    Crap, I'm sorry to hear. I'll keep an eye out.

    p.s, the pictures did not show up.

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    generally, if you dont find it with 24 to 48 hours, chances are it has been disassembled for parts and the frame will be dumped somewhere.

    sorry I dont have better news.

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    Fixed pics, hope it worked

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    keep your chin up. it may show up but unfortunately its not till the heat gets too much on it so like a month or 2.
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    You might wanna pm Cali-Roll about the new bike he has. Looks awefully familiar. . .

    KIDDING! Sorry Cali-Roll, I couldn't resist. Boy that would suck though. . .

    Sorry to hear about your stolen bike. It's happened to me too often. Your b/f's best hope is that it's just plain ol' gone, in my opinion. There will be a declaration on the bike now, and it probably is having the snot ridden out of it, if it isn't already in pieces.

    Good luck and you're awesome for trying to help out your guy.
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    sorry to hear that, my friend's bike (01'Honda F4i red-black) got stolen last sunday night from keycard access underground parking of my building and they damaged my bike, i had it chained to the piller, guess they ran out of time or dealing with ICBC too.

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    Guest add insult to injury, I just realized it's Friday the 13th. GGGrrrrrrr!!
    BF is pretty bummed, I bought him pizza and beer for dinner - maybe he'll be a little happier if he can fall asleep drunk

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    A big time is the first 72 hours, after that it is with the first week.... after a week it is in pieces if ot hasn't been reocvered

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    Ya thats almost a bone stock R6 all right, tough to spot that one.

    It even has the rear fender attached still....... which I guess means that its NOT as common as a lot of R6s out there

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    Sorry to hear about the bike. As others have said, you're probably better off never seeing it again because you never know what might have happened to it while it was stolen.
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    wait 30 days and get your check. I got $3700 for my $5500 bike, it feels real good. and that's after I talked them up from $3000. fuck icbc!

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    Will keep an eye out...hoped it'll show up soon.
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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