Posted: July 21 2004
Please sign up and once I get “maximum critical mass” I will contact Tim and see what he can do for us. Let me know the time frame too. Thanks all

Posted: Aug. 13 2004
I just talked to Tim of Convertibars and yes he is very willing to do a group purchase (at what I consider a healthy discount). He asked me not to make public the % so you need to PM me.

The thing is someone has to set themselves up as a dealer to accept and distribute. As I live in Canada that would not work well for me (customs). Tim is open to other suggestions to organize a group purchase. He said that simply having a series of people contact him on an individual basis is great but he cannot offer a discount that way.

I am doing the best I can. Any Canucks interested if no one in the US takes the initiative to support the endeavor?;t=7934;st=0