street legals last night
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Thread: street legals last night

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    street legals last night


    was out at mission for the street legals last night and there were 6 bikes or so racing. By far the fastest was the lowered busa with the extended trailing arm kit... buddy ran a 9.81 when i saw him. I think the other bikes were all 10.4 and slower still kicks ass though. Anyone else there?


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    Yep, I was there......was extremely surprised at how slow the new 10's were especially the green one.......guy was a good rider too, got some great launches!!
    I hear all the mid to high 9 hype about them but haven't seen it time I suppose!!
    That Busas ran a best of I think 9.74, and that was a month or so back on the stock arm!!
    Only mods are pipe, arm, lowered, PC.
    He was talkin about buildin a motor when I spoke with him last....maybe turbo!!
    The blue 12 would be alot quicker also, but the rider is very light and it spins way past the 60.......with some launch work he'd see 9's I thing is he's about 65 years old......hope I'm that cool when I'm 65.....super nice dude ta boot!!!

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    takes a lot of skill to launce a fast bike, fast. i dont think the liter+ bikes run much faster than 600's rider depending.

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    dam i wanna gooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Sounds like it was a rea lblast to be there with all those bikes.
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    How many runs did each class get?

    I haven't made it out there for a street legal yet this year. I'm usually working and then I think... What's the point to book off work and get the car all prepped, wait around all day and you might only get 3 passes in. It got pretty bad last year. How's this year been?

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    If there are bikes showing up there regularly, I might just have to drop by and take a look.
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    one of you drag boys should buy this, its for sale in the GTA area

    Posted: 14 Aug 2004, 11:57 am Post subject: turbo 02 gsxr 1000 for sale


    02 gsxr 1000,black/red..lowered compression,ape cam gears,and cct..hahn racecraft turbo kit,turboxs blow off vavle,hallman pro rx boost controller..fully polished frame,arm wheels footpeg mounts..galfer wave rotors ft and rear..powercommander3r..dyna shift light,stainless brake lines,undertail,tinted screen..full custom mapping,with dyno sheets..not a scratch on it..also has hyperpro top mount dampner,will be certified and ready to made 235hp on 7 pounds boost..can run up to 11 pounds on good fuel...make a offer,or trades??can email pics to anyone interested..mike(hamilton area)
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